In my first career I was a minister in the United Church of Canada, a progressive denomination. After twenty-eight years I took early retirement, and returned to an earlier passion: psychotherapy. At the same time as I was training for ministry I received training in psychotherapy and marriage and family therapy. I have been a Clinical Fellow with the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT), an RMFT by designation for over twenty-five years.

When I began to sense that my time with the church was coming to an end, I felt compelled by a vision of opening a psychotherapy practice. I am motivated by a deep curiosity for the human condition, our immense potential and also the obstacles to full realization of our capacities.

I am persuaded by the power of love to heal. At the same time I have seen in my own life and in my client’s relationships how intimacy is thwarted by unconscious fears and anxiety. My own healing journey has revealed the role that trauma (early failures of love) plays in keeping us from getting what we most want in life.

I am an author of seven books. You can read a retrospective of my early work here.  Read my curriculum vitae.

There are no blueprints for the process of psychotherapy because we each are unrepeatable expressions of what it means to be human. We experience both great ecstasy and deep sorrow. There are times in life when we feel absolutely alone. Our shadows can rise up like monsters from the depth, but then at other times we are full of love. We feel self-hatred, but also the tenderness of self-compassion. There are times in life when we need to take resolute action, and other times when what is being called for is a period of uncomfortable waiting, trusting that a benevolent Life force is living us. Truly, my deepest intuition is that we are expressions of a mysterious force that has as its goal the completion of love in the human species, and that this power is decidedly for us.

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