Personal Work

woman hugging herselfPsychotherapy is a relationship in which focused, loving attention is brought to bear on your life, there to discover your unique life?who you are when you no longer need to pretend.  It is a rebuilding of trust, where trust has been broken, and an accompanying realization  that this unique you is eminently loveable. Choosing to make a psychotherapeutic journey is an investment in your self?an act of self-love.  Poet, Mary Oliver, asks the question: ?What will you do with your one precious life?? If you have the feeling that the life you are living is not your own, the therapeutic relationship is a safe space reclaim a more authentic version of yourself and celebrate just how precious your life is.
Sessions are 50 minutes, either in person or by Skype. The cost is $165.00 per session, which includes GST. Cancellations require 48 hours notice. If I am not notified within this time period, and am unable to fill the hour, you will be charged. This is not punitive. It is to protect me from the contingencies of your life. Call to book a session: 778.990.4913. Or fill out a contact form.


Arya-Braj-Mohan-Nature-With-Lovers-IIIIntimate relationships are potentially where most of our healing work takes place. This is because we are selves-in-relationship. We came into the world as relational beings, and in this crucible we discover both our deepest joy and our most profound heart break. We each have patterns of intimacy that we learned very early. Some of these patterns make space for the love we want, and some continually frustrate us. The mystery of intimacy is that it reveals our vulnerabilities: the hope of finding love and the power of patterns of attachment that sabotage the very love we are seeking. The first step is becoming aware of our “sore spots”, our sensitivities that we put in place to protect our hearts, but which are now getting in the way. The next stage is practicing learning to distinguish between when they are still useful and when they need to be put aside. The potential of a conscious relationship is that you can each act as mirrors to the other revealing the very places that are wanting to be healed.
The sessions are 50 minutes. For couples the first session is 100 minutes, either in my Vancouver office, or by Skype sessions. The cost is $165.00 per sessions, which includes GST. I require 48 hours notice for cancellations. If I not receive notice within this time period, but am able to fill the appointment you won’t be charged.  Call to book an appointment (778.990.4913) or fill out a contact form.


Bruce_Mia41-2As well as practice psychotherapy I offer keynote talks and workshops on a variety of topics. My most recent book, Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart, and Put Him Back Together has received very favourable reviews. I have developed Eight Core Agreements and Practices for becoming human. Contact me (link) to book a speaking engagement.

Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

Plant medicines such as Ayahuasca and other psychedelic substances are increasingly popular. Research is revealing just how effective these medicines can be with the proper set and setting. Individuals and groups make pilgrimages to my home island to do intensive journeys with the medicines of their choice. These medicines act as catalysts in the therapeutic process to increase self-awareness, decrease resistance to remembering and working through traumatic events, and expanding the mind to include the spiritual dimension of reality. As transformational as these experiences can be, the critical component is the integration following the experience. I am a trained psychedelic psychotherapist.

Please note, I do not provide any of these medicines for my clients.

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