Still, No Apology

Still, No Apology

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The video below is self-explanatory. Journalist, Matt Taibbi, calls it “the sadism of the Covid 19 shaming campaign”.

Still, no apology.

Still, collusion between Big Pharma, mainstream media (Trusted News Initiative), health authorities, politicians, medical industry.

Still, Big Pharma owns the FDA, CDC, academia and what we still call “the news”, but which is nothing more these days than the messaging arm of the people with money.

Still, no retractions, from anybody.

We were bombarded with warnings against doing your own research. Don’t do your own research!? I did mine and found early in the pandemic that these things weren’t effective and weren’t safe. I was one of the shamed and shunned. Near the end of the video, we get Bill Gates, billionaire pusher of the “vaccine”, (who made an obscene amount of money from their rollout) saying, “Uh, turns out Covid was more like a flu”. Anthony Fauci, who we’ll find, no doubt, sitting on the Boards of one of more Pharmaceuticals in retirement, having done their bidding for over forty years, also quietly confesses that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. No shit.

Lockdowns, threats against people’s livelihoods, travel bans for the unvaccinated. No restaurants for you bad man, bad lady. Bad, bad, bad.

Meanwhile. the numbers of the vaccine injured. dying and dead grows daily.

It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Right, well, let’s just move on shall we? No point learning any lessons from the mess.

Don’t do your own research? Trust AP?  – the media conglomeration that issues the story of the day to literally hundreds, of media outlets across the world. They are advertising agents for bigger interests who want you to conform, by believing in a future of their making. We are bombarded by propaganda the likes and sophistication of which the world has never seen before. (It’s always been around but this kind of comprehensive shaping of the public mind is unprecedented). Trust the media.

Don’t think so.

Still, no apology. Anywhere from anyone. Nobody has the balls to say that they were flat out wrong, or are ever flat out wrong about anything –  that they’d been duped, brainwashed, bamboozled. Or worse, they know that they are simply the messengers of bullshit and are happy to take their paycheque.  Nobody wants to be exposed as a fool for screaming into the screen at the dirty unvaccinated and telling them that they should be denied treatment in a hospital. Which was probably a good thing. The hospital treatment protocols were limited to the ones, wait for it, that Big Pharma allowed. Think remdesivir, the drug they knew didn’t work, and made people sick in every trial.  But they used it anyway. Or think ventilators. Which killed people.

Those who claimed to do their own research (and discover, for example, that the above treatments were deadly and other repurposed medications were very effective but didn’t make the pharmaceuticals any money) were ridiculed and censored. This is a well-known technique among the so-called “anti-disinformation” industry that burgeoned during the pandemic.  The Stanford Virility Project (one of the hundreds of groups cashing in on seemingly insatiable appetite on the political left these days to cancel, censor, and silence any opposition to the preferred state messaging, warns against the bad habit of citizens “just asking questions”. Those who do ask questions are targeted for attack, victims of cyber warfare. Yes, that’s a real thing. What was once limited to our enemies overseas, is now being directed toward ordinary citizens. The Twitter files are exposing this shift toward targeting civilians. Mainstream media, and then ordinary citizens, (virtuously acting as agents of group think), spout the memes provided for them by these government  financed agencies.

Getting Orwellian enough for you yet?

It’s not enough to “look within”. Psychotherapy is a summons to wake up to forces both within (trauma, repression, denial, etc) that keep us enslaved by the past, and forces without (media, politicians, wealthy elite) who are motivated to take control of our future (through massive transfers of wealth and control of the dominant narrative).

No apology will ever come from anybody. Time to move on with the future that we, the ordinary citizens, curate.

Live your own life.

The awakening is happening.

Grateful to Covid.


Bruce Sanguin Psychotherapist

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