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Master of Divinity, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, 1983
Honours Roll, Homiletics Gold Medal, Year 3

 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Winnipeg, 1978

Clinical Fellow, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and British Columbia Association of Marriage and Family Therapy since 1988.

Associate Teaching Supervisor, Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and             Education (CAPPE)

Resident, Toronto Institute of Human Relations, 1985-88. Training in dream therapy, Gestalt, Object Relations, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (Dr. Sue Johnson).


1996-2013   Minister, Canadian Memorial United Church, Vancouver, B.C.

 1990-1996   Minister, West Hill United Church, Scarborough, Ontario

 1985-1990   Minister, Centennial-Rouge United Church, Scarborough, Ontario



 The Way of the Wind: The Path and Practice of Evolutionary Christian Mysticism, Viriditas Press, 2015. Jenkins Award for Spiritual Books.

The Advance of Love: Reading the Bible with An Evolutionary Heart, Viriditas Press,, 2013.

If Darwin Prayed: Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics. IPPY Gold Medal Award for best spiritual book of 2011.

The Emerging Church: A Model for Change and a Map for Renewal, Woodlake              Books, 2008. Revised and Expanded, 2015           

 Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos; An Ecological Christianity,Woodlake Books, 2007.

Summoning the Whirlwind, Unconventional Sermons for a Contemporary             Christian Faith, Woodlake Books, 2005

         Multimedia Featuring My Work

Interview with Bruce Sanguin, “The evolutionary spirituality thinker talks about the evolution of the soul..., April, 2015.

Michael Dowd, Evolutionary Christianity Series, 2013

Participant?s Guide,  DVD series Painting the Stars: Religion and An Evolving Faith: 2014 (Living the Questions series)

 My book, Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos: An Ecological Christianity had an accompanying DVD study guide written by Tim Scorer called Experiencing Ecological Christianity

An article summarizing the body of my work was recently published in the Integral Leadership Review, The Pulse of Possibility?A Retrospective Review of the Work of Bruce Sanguin, (January 2015). Written by Trevor Malkinson.

All Or Nothing Guy, a brief biography of Bruce Sanguin, by David Wilson, Editor of the United Church Observer (2012).

         Published Essays and Articles:

The Thought That Changed My Life, Morgan James Publishing, 2012 (I?m Not Bad) Amazon Best-Seller.

 How Do You Pray, Monkfish Press, edited by Celeste Yacobini, Monkfish             Publishing, New York, 2014. Article,

Wisdom and the Imagination, edited by Rex Hunt, Morningstar Press, Sydney, Australia, 2014 (October), Article: Jesus and the Cosmic Christ

The Emerging Christian Way, Chapter, The Wisdom of the Magi, Published             by Woodlake Books, for Copperhouse Press, 2006

The Mystical Side of Prayer: Science can examine your brain at prayer, but it can?t help you connect with God. That?s where an ancient tradition comes in. January, 2015

The Big Question: Is God a Thing? January 2013

Faith Section: What Do We Mean by God? 2012

 The Big Question Does God Evolve, The Big Question: 2011.

The Big Question: Does Human Life Have a Purpose: 2011

Women?s Concerns, The Peace of Christ?s Sword, 2006

Front Page, Justice and Spirituality, 1983


Below is an upcoming list of speaking engagements and a partial list of the keynote talks, workshops, and leadership positions I have held and the workshops I have led.

Chicago, The Well, What Is Evolutionary Spirituality? April 22-23, 2016

St. Aiden’s United Church, May 13-15,  2016

Vancouver, Vancouver Neighborhood House, May 1-4, 2016

Brandon, Manitoba, June 2-4, 2016

Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 12-14, 2016

Seattle, Washington, October 7-9, 2016

Keynote, Hillhurst Distinguished Speaker Series, Calgary, Alberta, November, 2015.

 Keynote, Hilliker Lecture Series: Kingston, Ontario, October, 2015.

Keynote, Distinguished Speaker Series, Westdale United Church, Hamilton, March, 2015 Evolutionary Spirituality: The End of Religion?

 Keynote, Winfield United Church, March 2015, Core Agreements for An Emergent Culture

 Keynote with Marcus Borg, Common Dreams, Canberra, Australia, October             2013

Keynote, Canadian Progressive Christian Association, Halifax, Canada,             August 2013

Keynote, Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Fort Meyers, Florida, January 2013.

Keynote, The Centre for Spiritual Living, Vancouver, B.C., February 2013

Keynote, Newfoundland and Labrador Conference of the United Church of Canada, Keynote and Preacher at annual conference, 2008.

Keynote, Bay of Quinte Conference of the United Church of Canada, Keynote and Preacher at annual conference, 2008

Hamilton Conference of the United Church of Canada, Keynote and Preacher at annual conference, 2009

B.C. Conference of the United Church of Canada, Preacher at Annual Conference, 2004.


Board of Directors, B.C. Conference Executive, United Church of Canada


Adjunct Faculty, Vancouver School of Theology, Congregational Transformation,


Board of Directors, Be the Change Earth Alliance, 2000-2008

Workshop Leader, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, Creation Spirituality,             2005-2006

Workshop Leader, Canadian Memorial United Church, Earth, Spirit, Cosmos             and You, 2006.

Presenter, British Columbia Conference of the United Church of Canada,

Renovations Workshops, Congregational Transformation, 2002-2005.

Workshop Leader, Violence Unveiled, (Rene Girard), Naramata Center. 2001

Workshop Leader, Dreams, The Language of the Soul, Naramata Center, 2002

Workshop Leader, Marriage Enrichment, Naramata Center, 2000

Workshop Leader, The Two Shall Become One, Pre-marriage Workshop, West Hill United Church and Canadian Memorial United Church, 1993-2006

Associate Adjunct Faculty, Dreams: The Language of the Soul, Emmanuel College, 1993-1995