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I'm interviewed by James Jesso of Adventures Through the Mind Podcast. James did me the honour of carefully reading my book Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Open and Put Him Back Together. We go deep into a psychological map I developed based on my experiences with psychedelics and beyond.

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David Sutcliffe, former movie star turned podcaster and therapist, interviews me for his podcast, The Psychosphere. It's a wide-ranging, animated conversation. We discuss, among other things, how I made the transition from clergyman to psychonaut. Start at the seven minute mark to hear my personal story.

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This is a video of a talk I gave at Hillhurst United Church. At the time I was transitioning out of ministry. But this congregation contracted with me to regularly come and talk about whatever I wanted to talk about. Here I speak, with tongue in cheek, on behalf of God. It is a deeper dive into my spiritual perspective.

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Jeff Carriera asked me to read his book and be in conversation with him about it. The title, Evolutionary Spirituality and Intersubjective Awakening, describes the experience of awakening in and through relationship with others, human and other than human. It's me geeking out philosophically and metaphysically.

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Finding Genius podcast interviewed me about my book Dismantled. We talk about how I made the transition from clergyman to psychotherapist and how the use of psychedelics can aid in the healing process. We also delve into the impact of early trauma, how we form unconscious beliefs about self and world that later sabotage us.

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This is a short clip from an interview with James Jesso. He asked a very interesting question: How was "serving" the church for 30 years a compensation for unconscious trauma. In my model, healing Compensating Actions and Beliefs (CABs) are how we defend ourselves against and adapt to painful childhood conditions.

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The Vancouver Psychedelic Society interviews me about my book and my life as a psychotherapist. Topics covered include my transition from the church to psychotherapy, Core Unconscious Beliefs, Intensity, the False Self, Trust, Psychedelic Integration, Spiritual By-Passing, Trauma, and Dosage.

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The Unitarian Church invited me to speak on the theme of Jesus' Beatitudes. I chose to talk about Jesus' teaching "blessed are the pure of heart". In the talk I discuss some "visions" I had in ayahuasca sessions where I was shown what it means to purify the heart.

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Healing with Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with Eric Bowers

Unpacking Childhood Trauma with Dr. Sherry Walling

In this podcast Sherry Walling of Mindcure interviews me about my transition from the role of minister with the church to psychotherapy and the role of psychedelics in my own healing journey.

We discuss what it means to have no ambition as a therapist, what it means to let each other be, the shift from self-loathing to self-compassion, my personal dismantling and much more.


Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart and Put Him Back Together

This book describes my healing
journey with psychedelics.

Dismanteled by Bruce Sanguin


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