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How I Got Here

Growing up I was a high-performance jock up until I graduated from university with a psychology degree and a couple of national championships in volleyball. But I ended up debating how many angels could dance on the head of a pin at seminary. While there I also received accreditation as a marriage and family therapist.

After a few decades wearing a gown and preaching Jesus I am now a psychotherapist and an advocate for the legalization of psychedelics. (I’m pretty sure that the bread and wine Jesus served up had a little something else in it as well.) But the church wouldn’t have it. Big mistake.

I wrote a bunch of books on evolutionary spirituality.  Don’t ask. A couple of them won awards. My latest one didn’t but I’d give it a gold medal if it was my call. It tells the story of how psychedelics and love saved me. Sorry Jesus. If you want to save your eyeballs and read a retrospective of them, a friend and colleague did me the honour.

What I Love

I’m the lucky father of two daughters, one 43 and the other a one-year old. — and married to my soul mate to boot.  Which proves to me there is a god.

I also love my work. It’s a joy of my life to work with people who want more than anything to live their own life; to fall in love with themselves; to break out of the prison of self-obsession; to wear different colour socks and not care what anybody else thinks; to call bullshit on the bullshit; to love madly, get your heart broken and do it all over again, except better; to know what it feels like to stand out from the crowd when the crowd simply got it wrong; and who want to open their hearts in compassion for this off-kilter world we’ve made.

Lots of stuff gets in the way of you being unrepeatable you. That’s where I come in. Work with me. And let the clearing begin. Think of it as your gift to a world waiting for you to show up in all your glory.

How I Work

I come into relationship with you and patiently persuade you, however long it takes, that you are not who you think you are. I mean, you are not Fortress Ego that you built to protect yourself from failures of love.

I listen. I promise not to hurt you. It’s not my job to change you. You’ve had enough of that, enough cajoling, enough of feeling like a failure. Change happens when you start loving yourself, your true self. I let you be without leaving you alone.

I encourage you and support you and help you to treat yourself well. I will help you identify all the negative beliefs about yourself that you may still be lugging around with you. They were formed a long time ago when you had to make sense of why you weren’t treated well. They aren’t true, not a single one of them. They hold you back and stop you from opening your heart to the beauty and mystery and love that is on offer.

Freud got a few things wrong. But he was right when he wrote in a letter to his student, Carl Jung, that psychotherapy is, in essence, a cure by love.

Wolf eye

“The psyche is not inside us but between us”

(Donald Winnicott)

“The psyche is not inside us but between us”.

(Donald Winnicott)



Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart and Put Him Back Together

This book describes my healing
journey with psychedelics.

Dismanteled by Bruce Sanguin


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