Psychedelic Preparation and Integration The powerful therapeutic catalyst

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The Promise of Psychedelics

Psychedelics can be a powerful therapeutic catalyst. Research into their effectiveness in working with PTSD, depression, and end of life anxiety for example, is well established. They also can help an individual expand her worldview and expand consciousness.  Beyond scientific corroboration, anecdotal reports of the life-changing potential of these medicines when combined with psychotherapy are widespread.

That said, some perspective is required.

  • Spiritual Experiences

    For example, you may have a big spiritual experience. What then? The mind makes all kinds of interpretations. Too often these preliminary interpretations about what the experience means are ego-based.

    Unless the egoic mind has been dissolved it will use these numinous or transcendent experiences to expand a sense of self-importance. Ego has merely been expanded to include the spiritual realm. Now you are contending with a spiritual ego - which is much more challenging to deconstruct because a certain pride of "knowing" now comes online.

  • "Bad Trips"

    The same is true for so-called "bad" trips. Actually, bad trips are rare. Rather, there are emotions arising from early mistreatment that are very challenging to allow and to process. The fear comes from being unable or unwilling to face everything that arising from the past. When you are on your own and facing these feelings on a psychedelic substance the natural tendency is to shut them down. This leads to the "bad" in the "bad trip".

Trustworthy Guide

A trustworthy guide is needed to prepare for these journeys should you decide to take these medicines and then integrate your experience afterward.

I am on the teaching faculty of ATMA Journey Centres which teaches psychiatrists, psychologists and MD's how to do this work.

I provide therapeutic guidance in the context of an ethical concern for harm reduction. I do not sell or procure these substances on behalf of clients.

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Integration is Ethics

Ultimately, the measure of the effectiveness of these substances / medicines is whether, through integration with or without a psychotherapist, we are treating ourselves and others with more love and kindness. Increased humility and compassion are the true signs of authentic spirituality and psychological well-being.


Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart and Put Him Back Together

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Dismanteled by Bruce Sanguin


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