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Bruce Sanguin’s intensely personal and courageous account of his psychological healing is riveting, moving, insightful, poetic, and instructive. Words fail – I couldn’t put the book down! With loving support, the charismatic minister our congregation knew and loved has pushed his evolutionary edges even further. Dismantled is honest, beautifully written and profound. I?ll read it again, this time marking passages with a highlighter to reflect further on my personal resonances. Highly recommended!

?Colleen Cruikshank

Stirs the gut, whispers to the dream world and provokes action. This book provides an off-roadmap for the integration of subtle, buried traumas, towards a whole version of self. Many authors explore the unconscious mind; Bruce Sanguin takes the reader to uncommon depths, and in so doing inspires inner inquiry and awakening. His honesty, humility and experienced wisdom bring fresh perspective and hope for healing – both individual and collective. I look forward to this book finding its way to far and wide places.

?Keith Condliffe

This book is now at the top of my ‘must read’ list for clients, colleagues, and friends. Bruce’s wisdom is profound yet simple to comprehend and digest. His personal stories are utterly raw, compelling and shine a light on the darker places that are common in all human psyches. It is no easy task to break-down and communicate the often ineffable lessons learned through plant medicines and psychedelics, but Bruce has done an exceptional job accomplishing just that. This is clearly the writing of a man who has ‘done the work’ – and continues to do so.

If you are at all on the path of personal healing or psychedelic journeying, do yourself a favor and keep this book handy. It will be a tremendous resource to facilitate deeper reflection and integration of my own experiences for years to come.

?Cody Wiggs

“Dismantled” is marvelously insightful, therapeutic, and instructive. For the lay reader, this book provides the clearest explanation I?ve encountered on how we become slaves to our childhood trauma and how we can break free. Along the way, Sanguin makes an important distinction between spirituality used as a tool to avoid suffering and spirituality that promotes healing. This book will open your eyes and guide you to a fuller, more loving life.

?Steve Hansen

Quite possibly the most important book I?ve ever picked up. It?s as if Bruce writes what I?m feeling but couldn?t explain or even comprehend. Moving, insightful, brilliant and penetratingly simple. This deserves a great deal more attention from anyone looking to better understand herself and how parents unwittingly traumatize us as children


Bruce Sanguin says that he coped with the traumas of childhood by becoming an intellectual. He was good at sports, had a good mind, and he appeared to be well adapted to life. However, inside his head, he was detached from people and the world. He suffered two failed marriages. Then he met the love of his life, married again, and promptly found himself back in self defeating behaviors, despite consciously being aware that she was indeed the love of his life.

Bruce tells his story in plain English, giving lots of personal examples, telling you how he feels, both high and low. He seems a genuine human being, who has got in touch with his memories and his feelings. He claims to now relate directly to people and to live in the present moment. I believe him.

Bruce links his journey to the writings of people from throughout the ages, in order to illustrate the universal story of personal growth. He summarizes basic concepts from mystical thinkers and the world?s religions in a concise and clear way.

Besides his personal journey, Bruce deals with the nuclear family, world religions, and society. He shows how institutions are set up to cope with life in standard ways, while never really dealing with the pain that keeps surfacing in your life. He shows how you must step out and process your childhood in order to feel alive as an adult.

Bruce has personally gone the distance. He tells his story and gives his conclusions in an engaging way. I thought I would read the book a chapter a day, and it became a page turner. I’ve gone through much the same journey, without ?the medicine?, and I can relate. Bruce has gone a step further, with his thoughts on the family and formal religion. He answers questions that I?ve had for a long time, and I had ?aha? moments.

This book is unique. It’s a personal story. It’s a view of society. It illustrates universal ideas that save you wading through dozens of other books. The writing is friendly and open. I felt invited to think for myself as an adult. Bruce gives perspective on life and your place in society. I’m amazed at how much he manages to pack into one book. Affirming and outstanding.

?Rolf Stengl

Once a decade a book grabs me by the throat and drags me to the end before I’ve had a chance to protest. Beautiful. Honest. Insightful. Haunting. Necessary. This is Bruce the psychotherapist at the top of his practice and Bruce the human being at his most authentic. I hope this book finds its way into the hands of the courageous souls who are ready to say yes to their greatest adventure and the battle to actualize their truest selves. May you be so blessed and cursed.

?R.T. Meeks

Bruce Sanguin is brilliant. The author has synthesized his experience in healing childhood trauma, using psychedelic medicine/psychotherapy. I heard him being interviewed on a podcast by James W Jesso. That interview piqued my interest and the rest is, as they say, history. For anyone with developmental trauma, just reading this book is to begin the healing process. It has been for me. I found myself repeatedly saying out loud, ?Wow! He nailed it. ? AND Mr. Sanguin is humble. He?s the real deal. Don?t hesitate to buy this book. Now that I?ve read it on Kindle I?m going to order a hard copy; there are just certain books that deserve to be held in the hand and this is one of them. Deep gratitude to Mr. Sanguin for having the courage to undertake his healing journey and then recount that journey for the benefit of others.


I first heard about this book on a podcast (Adventures through the mind) where Bruce was a guest. I ordered the book the same week as I heard the podcast where they talked about the book.

Bruce touches on subjects I haven’t heard anyone else address until now. He gives insight to how our traumas form who we come to be and how we can start the journey to recover to our true selves. I could easily write 5000 words on why this book is brilliant and why it deserves a place in your bookshelf, but for efficiency: If you are unsure whether or not to buy this book, listen to the podcast I mentioned and decide for yourself. 

?Dag-Are Halland


Great book, very mind-blowing



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