Live Your Own Life Course Principles and Practices

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Why Am I Offering This Course?

I was shown in a sacred ceremony how, in response to early trauma, I constructed a personality and then my life, to merely survive. The "self" I presented to the world was strategically built to perform whatever was expected of me. To be loved, accepted, to belong. I set aside my true self because that version of me was being hurt.

Smart decision. But then I forgot about it and believed I was the performer. The performer put together a life as best he could, and it wasn't all bad by any means. But neither was it mine.  And because it wasn't a true reflection of my soul it wasn't being fuelled by the vitality of Life itself. It was being fuelled by sheer willpower. The whole edifice came tumbling down sitting on a grassy hill one night, with the stars as my witness. I heard the words come out of my mouth, "My life hasn't been my own".

Can You Relate? Ask Yourself...

  • Are you your own worst critic, beating up on yourself for the smallest perceived failure?

  • Have you ever wondered why you say "yes" when you mean "no"? 

  • Why do you tolerate mistreatment from the people who say they love you? Over and over again. 

  • Ever consider why you are so susceptible to addiction of one form or another? 

  • Why do you do things you don't really want to do? 

  • Why is it so difficult to ask for your needs and wants to be met? 

  • Have you ever found yourself on the verge of success and then sabotaged yourself?

  • Why the chronic fatigue? 

  • Maybe you keep finding yourself changing partners but no matter how many times you swap them out you land in the same feelings - of being unloved, unseen, and lonely?

  • Do you give yourself away in intimate relationships for fear of being abandoned?

  • Do you find it almost impossible to take an unpopular stand if you might be criticized for it? 

  • Is it almost impossible for you to relax, without cannabis or alcohol? 

  • Why is it so challenging for you to take good care of yourself?

If any of these questions strike a chord, Live Your Own Life: Principles and Practices, will not only give you the insights you need to liberate yourself from these deeply ingrained patterns, it will provide practices for you to reclaim your true nature and the life you've always wanted.

A Mission and a Promise

That night, when I returned to the ceremony, I prayed a short prayer for each of the other twenty individuals who were at the ceremony.  A very simple prayer: Just. Be. You. That's what the universe wants for you more than anything. It's why you're here. Because when we are being your true self and living your true, unrepeatable life, the universe is blessed. I dedicated the rest of my life, and my practice, to creating opportunities for beautiful souls like yourself to reclaim your true life.

This course is a manifestation of that prayer, extended to you.

Sneak Peek

You will learn and practice eleven fundamental and potentially life-changing principles, such as: The Core Addiction is to the Trauma Self. In this module you will gain mastery in identifying your unique trauma signature and dissolve the negative limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. You will make the shift from reactivity based in old (trauma) stories to emotional mastery.

Join me for this homecoming and celebration of you.

Course starts September 18th @ 6 pm PT

If finances are the only obstacle to participation there are a limited number of scholarships available. Please inquire at


Course FAQ

When does the next course start?

The next course starts September 18th @ 6 pm PT

How long is each session?

Each session is two hours. 

What is the cost?

The cost of the course is $2400.00

Early bird rate: $1995.00

If finances are the only obstacle to participation there are a limited number of scholarships available. Please inquire at

What if I need to miss a couple of sessions?

The sessions will all be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for a full year. 

Do I have to talk about my life?

Nobody will be asked to share more than they want to. 

There will be an explicit confidentiality agreement. 

Will there be homework?

There will be practices between sessions that will help you to integrate the principles into your life. You choose how much time you want to practice. 

What is the main focus of the course?

Psychological, cultural and societal forces set us up to live a life that is not truly our own. By learning 11 core principles and accompanying practices the course empowers you to live your truest life from your most authentic self. 

How do I stay connected with others in the group between sessions?

There is an online platform for participants to connect and share between sessions. 


Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart and Put Him Back Together

This book describes my healing
journey with psychedelics.

Dismanteled by Bruce Sanguin


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