Self-Pity versus Self-Compassion

Self-pity can become a go-to posture when things are not going our way. It is a feeling that life is conspiring against us. Even our loved ones are treating us unfairly. The boss is being a dick. It’s all too much to take. It’s not fair. And it’s entirely possible that it’s not fair. Because … Read more

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Trauma - arbutus tree

Do We Heal from Trauma?

Greetings, I had a session with my mentor, during which he claimed that we don’t heal from trauma. It was one of those shocking statements he’s famous for – at least in my world. It undermines the consensus of experts in the trauma field. I almost wrote the “trauma industry”. A lot of professionals these … Read more

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Still, No Apology

The video below is self-explanatory. Journalist, Matt Taibbi, calls it “the sadism of the Covid 19 shaming campaign”. Still, no apology. Still, collusion between Big Pharma, mainstream media (Trusted News Initiative), health authorities, politicians, medical industry. Still, Big Pharma owns the FDA, CDC, academia and what we still call “the news”, but which is nothing … Read more

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Spiking the Eucharist

I just finished The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name, by lawyer, Brian Muraresku. Usually when I come across a book with “Immortality” and “Secret” in the title I groan inwardly and take a pass. But this guy dug into the science of his subject. He was educated by the … Read more

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Clearing the Fog – The Elusive Mystery of Happiness Part 2

In the first part of this two part series I cautioned against making happiness the goal of life. Rather, the goal might be to live your own life while creating as little suffering as possible along the way. Keep your heart open as you do so, surrounding yourself with only those who will let you … Read more

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